Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Version 0.9.1 release

Version 0.9.1 of the Cangjie keyboard for Android is available for download on the Google Play Tools category for free.

Bug fix
  • Fixed the malfunction cursor.

  • If you experience extreme lag after updating, try uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard again.
  • After changing theme, try to restart the keyboard or rotate the device with the keyboard active, to make the new theme effective.
  • If you experience touch difficulty, try to set the Touch sensitivity settings as High and Neutral.
  • If you experience missing candidates, try enabling the 'Rarely used characters' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting.
  • Simplified Chinese candidates are disabled by default. Enable it at the 'Character type' option of 'Chinese candidates' setting if required.

Known issues
  • Keyboard closes itself on Contact's phone number text box of Samsung devices with Android 4.x. Will fix once we get a Samsung device on hand to check.
  • Keyboard plays sound on press on LG devices, even sound is disabled in settings. Will fix once we get a LG device on hand to check.
  • Candidates selection bar jumps when the height is set to S. Fix in the pipeline.

  • Installation from Goole Play is recommended.
  • Or download the APK and install manually, if Google Play is not available on your device.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.9.0 apply.


  1. Good input app especially needs no permission.
    Two major problems:
    1) Perhaps I miss how to set it in settings, but showing the same word in suggested/frequent list and normal list is quite stupid. E.g. type 人弓火, shows 你 twice in the bar.
    2) The exact match is not the first word to show, even not in the first page sometimes but showing suggested/other words instead. E.g.type 月will show 朋,睡.... etc, but no月.

  2. Replies
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  3. Normally it's 人竹水卜, but visibly this code is not in the database of this app. But luckily you could try the "quick" code: ie 人卜

  4. In the new Google Keyboard, a long hold on the space bar pops up the IME selector. It would be nice if this IME follows this new standard.

  5. Hi, 我發現打不到個 "豉" 字, 請看看下次可否改正?

    1. "一廿十水" 再按選字列的 "+" 就會見到 "豉".

    2. "一廿十水" 再按選字列的 "+" 就會見到 "豉".

  6. bug report:
    when I type fast with "auto capitalize" on, not only first character, second character also become cap. e.g. WHen

  7. 2 suggestions
    1) can output Traditional Chinese character or Traditional Chinese character (hTC can)
    2) can share Typing Habit Database to another Android device installed this input method

  8. 你好,我用nexus的,我發現它小了自動修正打錯字的功能。 我之前用honor2時有的,另外,可不可以加入一個制是voice input?我有時不想打字。。。你的賣點是不用轉輸入法吧。很喜歡 謝謝你的作品

  9. 小小意見。每次新 version update , 選字列的排序又回覆到 default 。如果 server 可以記下來就好了。

  10. 建議增加設定使用"shift鍵"來切换中英輸入.