Thursday, August 12, 2010

Version 0.2.1 release

Version 0.2.1 of the Cangjie keyboard for Android is available for download on the Android Market Tools category for free. This is a testing version and will expire on 15 November 2010.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the incorrect candidates listing when the 'Show rarely used characters' option enabled.
  • Corrected the label of the 'Y' key of the big key keyboard.

  • All features, terms and conditions of the previous version 0.2.0 apply.


  1. hi, i found a bug while typing Eng.
    since it happens randomly, i am sure that nothing wrong with the settings.

    the bug is simply like this:
    i am using "pair-key; double tap" in my SE X10mini
    when i type an Eng word and press space (double tap DEF key),
    both Chi and Eng will be finally typed
    for example,i type "am" then SPACE, "旦am" is typed

    please try to fix it. thx

  2. send SMS 時, 接收者會顯示亂碼. 不知能否修正? 我用samsung I9000.

  3. Dear Conrad,
    Will check it out. Thx.

    Dear Judy,
    The wrong code of SMS is mostly related to the Telco. Is the same problem occurs with the build-in keyboard?